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in brief, because i have more important things to do than type:

went to the Key Club (which, as i do believe I have stated before, sucks as a venue) last night with conrax. We saw Bloodjunkies and Strutter, which was quite neat. I didn't really know what to expect going into it, and i don't really know how to describe it, but it was fun. A dance thing, i guess. Lots of music and costumes and dance.

We had interesting conversations on the way there. The way there was long and complicated and I should never trust mapquest. I know better.
ANyway, Brett, for whatever reason, is someone i always have felt like I can be pretty open with. This going back to the times when i was his one beer drinking buddy. There aren't too many people i feel that I can be completely honest to.

When we got back, I met up with Michael. We went to Q Club, had beer, and then hung out outside a bit with the two Jeremys. We ended up going to Jeremy's apartment and watching The Maxx, which Michael had borrowed from his teacher. Jeremy the second makes a good margarita.

Afterwards, to Michael's. I stayed there last night ... it's always odd to me to stay at someone else's house ... i also have to get over the feeling that if his mom finds me, i'm in trouble ... she likes me, apparently, and has no problem with me staying over. I'm just used to being kicked out of houses by angry mothers.
We were woken up early this morning by Michael's mom walking in with the phone, saying something loudly about a staff meeting ... scared the heck out of me.
He had forgotten that he had a staff meeting this morning, so he went, i went back to sleep, and he came back a while later and crawled back into bed, where we stayed until four o'clock.

and what a surreal sight when i finally did get out of bed ... red sky, falling ash ... haze ...

i wonder what it's going to look like when i go home tomorrow morning ...

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