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murphy's law in action!

I worked almost 14 hours last night, we ran out of euthanol and valium, the freezer is full, and I had to have a "let's discuss how you refer clients to other hospitals" talk with a tech, and these fires are way, way too close for comfort ...

and i come home to find that the bird somehow managed to escape his cage at some point between friday evening and now, and shredded everything in the kitchen within his reach, including a bag of trash that i needed to take out.
The kitchen is now a small sea of shredded paper.
And the bastard bit the hell out of my hand when I went to put him back.

oh yeah, life is good.

i did at least find out that my house is insured, if it burns down. Yay.

and i know what i'll grab if i, by some horible chance, get evacuated ... cats, dog, and bird go into carriers ... computer and pictures ... after that, it's whatever else i can stuff into my car.

I probably am thinking too much about it ... but it's close enough that I worry ... i can see plumes of smoke from the San Bernardino fire coming over the hill behind my house ...

lots more to whine about, but no point in sharing ...

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