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it feels like winter ...

there's a definite chill in the air ... icy and sharp.
what a contrast ... last week, too hot for clothes and smoke in a cloud hanging across the state ... then the rain came and washed the air, and now it's crisp and clean and clear ...

almost a little too crisp ... it's the season again for my frozen extremities and sniffling. time to bring my silly gloves out again.

i'm feeling a little sedated tonight ... i don't know why. Probably just a bit tired from Halloween. Not much energy, not in any mood to clean this hospital. Work has been steady tonight, a few in the hospital and a steady stream of incoming. I've got a vomiting dog on it's way in ... i'm sure it will be tons of fun. I pulled the dog's chart from a previous visit, and it's marked "caution" "will bite".

yeah, I'm just not in the mood for this.

I had Michael pick up the puppy and take it home, as there is a pup in here that probably has distemper. i really don't need the baby exposed to that, he's got a rough enough life already.

Not liking seeing my friends unhappy ... situations work out so strangely ...
nothing i can do except be there ...

Michael got the day off of work, so we get to spend Sunday together ... I'm quite happy about this. I got paid, so I have a little money, and we're probably going to go out, hang out with Charles, maybe catch a movie or something like that. I've got to go by home depot and get the stuff to finish putting up my shelf (that has been sitting on my couch almost fully assembled for nearly a month).

nothing much else to speak of ... five more hours and i get to go home, and curl up next to Michael on flannel sheets ... that's nice motivation.

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