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a bit of a different evening ...

I don't think I can hide too well, until I am not actually residing in OC ... so I went out last night.

Moped around Rachel's for a while, then was feeling pathetic enough to go to my mom's house and hang out there hoping for inspiration. My mom made me eat. She knows when I'm sad, even when I won't say anything for her. And all she can do for sad people is feed them. When Heather came over, while Jeff was in the hospital, my mom tried to make us eat cupcakes.

Inspiration, or at least a reason to get out of my mom's house, came in the form of a phone call from Jessica Wallace. I like Jessica, and we haven't really had a chance to hang out. So we met up at her house, and tried to go to the gypsy den, but it was gawdawful crowded, no tables, loud, and a crush of humanity. So we went to TC, having no other ideas. Both of us wanted to avoid that place, for assorted reasons, but it makes a great last resort.

So we went ... talked, people gathered. It was Andy's birthday, and for his birthday he bought me a book. A strange tradition he has, quite strange.

It was getting crowded and a bit icky, so we left at 11 and went back to Jessica's house, watched part of The Cell, which is a visually stunning movie, and she gave me tarot card reading that made sense on many levels. It pretty much backed up the things that have been coming clear to me lately. Of course, my cynical side says that's just me projecting, but I like to believe some things. I like Jessica. We've got a lot in common.

Work ... ack. It never stopped. When I left this morning, they were finishing up a surgery on a cat that had come in yesterday afternoon, with at least two more surgeries scheduled behind it.

And I hate working with Katrina on Saturday nights ... this girl is just in the wrong industry. She's too tired to be working graveyard shifts, screws up medication orders but gets bent out of shape when I correct her, and has little concept of things like "sterile" and "clean" and "work" and "expedience" and "that cat is going to bite Kasey if I do not hold it properly". So many scary errors, but I get serious attitude when I try and teach or correct.

Soon, hopefully, no more.

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