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Cough, hack, die.


I'm going to the doctor in a bit, to get some medication for this fucking cough. They were nice enough to get me in today at 11:15. And my favorite bagel place is nextdoor to it, yay.

Rick decided to start harassing me again last night. He's decided that he's going to the concert on Friday, and I think mostly because he knows it's a show I wouldn't miss. He IM's me to tell me this last night, maes vague threats at me, and tries to bait me into a fight.

I have made a resolution.

I resolve not to let that bastard bait me into arguements. I am better than that, and I do not have any obligation to reply to him.

He is on "ignore".

So went by TC last night ... too early, had to get out of my mother's house. I didn't need to be out, all sick, but I was. Not entirely unpleasant. Had a talk with Jessica Wallace, who I actually like quite a bit. Interesting girl.

I was so about to punch the next person who said to me "oh, you're sick, you should go home and sleep." I know my options, thank you very much. dealing with my family isn't going to make me feel any better.

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