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as busy as usual

I fell asleep most pleasantly last night, with him running his hands through my hair and Massive Attack as low background noise ...

... and woke up a few hours later, thanks to dreams so frightening i couldn't bring myself to go back to sleep. It's many hours later now, and these images are still in my head. I don't know why, all is good ...

just the way brain works sometimes, i guess.

So i woke up late yesterday (seems to be the pattern for Wednesdays) and drove to OC ... met up with Michael, went out for drinks and rented a movie. I love the bar guy at Little Knight ... I'm watching him pour my vodka collins, and thought hmm, that's a lot of vodka ... had a drink of it, and gave a sip to Michael, and his comment was, "there's collins mix in there?" I love getting toasted for the cost of one drink. It is the small things like this that make my days happy.

We went to his house and watched Goodfellas ... then a 3am trip to Rite-Aid, because an examination of my purse determined that I was out of necessary child-prevention equipment. Apparently, he knows the cashier that works the graveyard shift. I set the package of prophylactic devices on the counter, along with other crap i decided i couldn't live without, and wandered away to dig through the Halloween clearance bin.
I then hear, "You can't buy these! These are the devil's instruments!" I turn, to see Michael turning pink ...
It's fun to make him blush ... it's even more entertaining to see someone else make him turn red ...
I bought them over her objections, and put the devil's instrument to good use.

and tonight, I wait for Michael to get off work, and then we're going up to my house. My mom got us tickets to the races tomorrow, so we're going out to Pomona in the morning. Then Heather's birthday party is tomorrow night ... fuck, that means i have to buy her something today ... i have no clue what to get her ...

my plans for tonight are really mundane ... I've got laundry to do and I'm going to scrub my bathroom floor ... I had to call my mom to find out how to scrub floors ... i know it's sad, but i grew up with a housekeeper, and don't have a fucking clue how to clean.

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