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I quit my job today ...

... and I feel so fucking liberated! I gave two week's notice, of course, because I'm a good girl like that, but two weeks and then no more. I got a confirmation from Dr. Harris at Central of my pay (more!) and my hours ... Saturday 9-9, Tuesday 1-8, and Thursday 6-1. So sweet ...

And I have people I work with now so angry at me ... I put my letter of resignation on my bosses door and left this morning, I'm not waiting around for the lazy old bastard to roll in at 10 or 11 or whenever he bothers to show up. He's going to be an unhappy man this morning ... not many other people want to, or are at all willing to, work weekend graveyard shifts ...

Hung out with Jessica Wallace again last night ... she's a great person to avoid the world with.

Today ... I'm going to sleep for a couple hours, and then pack up my stuff and go home ... I miss home ... I like Rachel's house, but it's not mine ...

Speaking of Rachel, I talked to her earlier this morning ... Apparently, Dr. Hodgkins, my old boss near the top of the VPI food chain, is quitting to start her own all cat veterinary practice. They are looking for a part time tech, and Rachel suggested me. I would love to work at an all-cat practice. Cats can be so much more difficult, but I like the challenge. Right now at work I'm being treated like the girl who can handle any cat ... or maybe it's just the girl who doesn't mind being scratched ... So that may or may not happen in June ... The question of the office manager, who is another woman I worked under at VPI, was if I could look "professional" enough to work at an upscale veterinary hospital. Grr... just because I had a little difficulty in a corporate environment, gimme a pair of less ratty tennis shoes and a little makeup, and I am a tech anyone would hand their cat over to ... damn the doubters.

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