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Bored and cold

I suppose it would help if i put clothes on ... but that takes effort.

Michael found a Target giftcard at his work and gave it to me ... I called the number on the back and there is $9.81 left on the card. Yay for free money to spend.

Some asshat in the street behind the house keeps honking their horn. Snarl.

So it's pretty much been decided ... the problem girl at my work is going to be let go. I'd have done it a while ago, but I don't have so much power. they let her get away with so much that now she feels entitled to it all. She got written up the other day and wrote a 5 page response letter to the doctor, and cc'd me on it. Basically she denied all the charges leveled against her, said that none of her co-workers have any problem working with her (which is crap. they may not tell her, but they come to me with the complaints) and making a few vaguely threatening comments about the legality of our euthanasia procedures and our employee policies.

She told me that she didn't see a problem in her taking euthanol (sodium pentobarbitol, a class 2 controlled substance) from the clinic and euthanizing her friend's cat at home, because "everybody does it." no ... everybody doesn't do it. If I were to catch anyone else doing it, i'd be after their job too.

I really do love this girl as a friend ... but I want her gone. The rest of management does as well. Honestly, she's not worth the headaches she causes. I said to Dr. Harris this morning that at this point, I'm very willing to risk the friendship if it means not having to deal with her at work anymore.

So anyway, tomorrow is the day the firing is supposed to be done. We already have another tech who is looking for a job to fill her spots. I don't have school (yay veteran's day!) so I'm going to go down to OC to come into the clinic and work if I have to. If I don't have to go in, I'll be hanging around OC until my night shift ... anything going on?

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