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"Down In It" always meant more to me ...

You are Closer. You have an obsession over something and yet you are still able to go through life.

What Nine Inch Nails song do you relate to the most?
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I barely made it through work last night ... I was sleepy, because I let my sleep schedule get all screwed up. Paperwork was a disaster from the weekend and I spent a couple hours repairing Sunday's fuckups. We missed out on about $400 worth of charges because people don't look at the details ...

Michael came to see me, and that always makes work better. He apparently finds Penny Arcade greatly amusing, and cackled at that while I did paperwork. I'm supposed to go by his work for dinner, but i think I might end up doing birthday dinner tonight with my family. I'd do it later in the week, but my mom is going out of town tomorrow.

I went by TC last night before work. Talked to Dave Stone a lot more than I usually do (once he stopped making fun of Flea). Josie showed up. It was really nice to see her ... even with all the drama, she seems more like herself again.

And many more of the usual were around ... i love you all, except for the ones I can't stand.

As much as I don't want to, I really need to add another shift ... my financial situation has reached a crisis point, and I had to break into my super-secret-for-dire-emergencies-only savings account this month to keep checks from bouncing. I've got to bring in some more cash, or I'm going to be seriously fucked soon, especially with Christmas.

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