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Raise my glass to the awful truth

I'm going out to dinner with my family tomorrow, to 'celebrate' my upcoming 23rd birthday. I fully intend to get drunk at their expense. We're probably going to Olive Garden, it's generic Italian food that we all can eat, with lots of veggie options for me. I threaten to take them to vegan places, and it's funny to watch my mom wince while she says, "It's your birthday ... so whatever you want, I guess."

Speaking of my mom ... she pissed me off a little bit this morning, but i think it was my own irritation, rather than anything she could have done about the situation ... as a result, i was probably snarkier to her than i should have been. Rather lucky that my attitude didn't cause a family screamfest like it often does, but I knew I was being bitchy and hid until it was time to go tonight.

Dinner at Michael's work ... He should have so much better than the crap they give him there ... I know I'm a snob, but i think that place is beneath him.

TC afterwards ... Twitch and Turtle were there, and I was happy to see that they are doing well. Talked to various other people after they left, none of whom besides Lisa and Michael I give a damn about. I mostly sat there, was annoyed, and tried to make conversation with imbeciles. I need an alternate place to hang out on nights i can't drink.

Michael almost made me late for work ... but it was well worth it to show up to work glowing and happy. One of the better ways i can think of to start my night.

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