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Short update: Things are looking better.
Longer update: Things are looking better, but better is all relative.

My mother is now not speaking to me or my father. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Not that she's not speaking to him, but that he's married to her.

My car does have some hope ... i finally got to talk to my mechanic yesterday, and the $250 that the dealership charged for "diagnostics" didn't tell us anything ... he's going to take the head off today, and see if it blew a gasket, torched a head, or did damage to the bottom end. He agrees with me that putting a used engine in the car is a risky idea. So my dad is going to call me today, after they find out how much damage has been done.

I lost my ATM card, and panicked last night when I realized that. I called the bank this morning, and my card is at the BofA inside the Vons at Harbor and Adams. So tomorrow, I have to go and pick it up. I was very worried when I realized it was gone last night ...

Michael is up here with me today ... I came up last night, so sleep deprived from the day before, and he got some beer ... that was my mistake. I took a hot bath, and had a beer, and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. Unfortunately , I fell asleep with a beer in my hand, and managed to spill it all over my bed. So, my bed smells like beer. And I woke up in a cold puddle.

Needless to say, I woke up before he did ...

Me: "You're looking at me with that 'stop grabbing at me and let me sleep' look on your face."
He: "I don't want to sleep ..."

So my day started well.

KMFDM Friday night ... I'm so excited ...

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