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all rabbits should die

It's all quiet here at work ... two sleepy kitties on IV fluids, that's all. I've got a rabbit coming in, the description i got over the phone was "pus from its skin". Rabbits are gross enough without oozing pus ...

Michael quit Pick-Up-Stix, and I'm really happy about it. Even though i won't get my chinese food discount anymore ... fucking place is making me fat, anyway. i hated seeing how he got treated there. I'm glad to see him moving on to something better. I'm almost kinda gonna miss the creepy cooks leering at me ... they were kinda sweet.

I totally forgot that this week was thanksgiving, and that I agreed to work the friday after thanksgiving ... so i have tomorrow off, and wednesday off (lots of good that does me, as i have to work thursday morning) and then the rest of the week is just going to totally suck. ah, but the paycheck will be fat. and in the end, that's what matters. It's the getting through the work that is a bitch ...

tomorrow, i'm going to go home ... try to make peace with my family, cuz i need to sleep at their house this week ... drop off and pick up film, and finish cleaning up after the party ... yeah, i lag with the cleaning.

I'm feeling better today ... probably because i got nearly 12 hours of sleep, and i needed it ... i didn't need to sleep until 4 PM, but i did. Michael made me feel better last night. I went to his house and we played, and cuddled, and beat each other with pieces of leather. And I felt so much better after that. He does so much to keep me sane ...

I got home about 5 am ... there was something creepy about the whole drive. The wind was blowing something crazy ... pushing my little car all over the road. Dark and cold and silent in my house ... I was a little bit freaked, so I slept in one of Michael's sweaters with Flea guarding me. I know how minimal a defense that is, but it worked for the night.

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