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Lucky me.

Yeah, such luck. Instead of having to work noon today to 9am Sunday like I thought, I got Devon to come in at noon and I only have to work from 5pm today until 9am tomorrow.

If anyone wants to bring me caffeinated products tonight, you are most welcome to ...

i like diet mountain dew, code red ...

this is gonna suck. I'm tired now. I ended up making this huge journey last night, because I couldn't find out until 8 am if Devon was going to work ... so after work last night (swing) I had to drive to my house, take care of my animals, then drive back to my mom's, get Flea and my stuff, and then up to Central, as I was going to nap there in case i did have to work at noon. and then I didn't. So Flea and I came back to my mom's house, and now I've got to go back to work.

I soent a couple hours last night taking care of Michael ... poor boy is all sick and I can't fix it ... and we're probably passing different colds and flus and things back and forth by taking care of each other.

I have no patience for screened comments ... except for wubby, of course ... really, I'm not going to waste my time posting for anyone who's to afraid to lets the posts appear. It annoys me. Except for wubby.

The more I work, the more I crave drink ... conrax, if you go to this thing tonight, have a couple for me ...

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