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16 hours.

16 hours.

One comatose golden retriever.
two successful rounds of CPR.
three little dogs that got into chocolate, and all had to be made to vomit, and then all had to be force-fed activated charcoal.
four sets of x-rays on the itty-bitty chihuahua that liked to eat things it shouldn't have eaten.
five techs are supposed to work on saturday, though only devon and i were there.
six labor-intensive patients in the hospital overnight.

and that's all I've got for that theme.

work was a little bit of hell. my feet hurt. I watched a dog all night, waiting for it to die, and i was very shocked that it never did.
One of the most disgusting nights I've ever worked ... chocolate vomit, hemorrhagic diarrhea, wormy diarrhea, enemas, a greyhound that peed every hour, tapeworms, bloody vomit, a laceration on a very uncomfortable area on a kitty (so i asked the doctor, "how the hell am i supposed to make this a sterile field when we're operating on a cat's ass?"), and all sorts of other assorted grossness.

someone please remind me again why i do this?

I'm going to go be unconscious now ... i want to wake up in a few hours ... i want someone to buy me drinks and neutralize my stresses. i need to decompress ... i need a vacation ...

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