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I hurt my toe kicking michael in the shins ... i didn't mean to kick him in the shin ... not so hard, anyway ... it's his fault really ...

absolutely dead here at work, and I come in to a note that says, "please clean the bathroom". ew. but i did it, it's done, and it's not my turn for like a year now. I saw a pair of kitties with a cold, and that was it. visit from michael, lots of paperwork, chatting with charles ... this has not been the most fulfilling graveyard shift. I'm really in the mood for a good round of CPR or peritoneal lavage or jugular cath placement or something like that.

Tomorrow I'm taking Michael out to dinner ... I going to say it's to celebrate his new job ... that's the excuse I'm going to give to myself to justify the expense. I really just want to go to my favorite little italian place.

i really, really need a manicure ... and a vacation ... and like i was telling season earlier, a nice warm rock to climb on top of and read a book ...

So i was looking at my schedule tonight when I got in here. Seems that I accidentally scheduled myself to work nine days in a row later this month. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this, or if I'm going to be able to find someone to cover a shift for me to break it up. The money will be great, but i'll be a mess. After the nine days, i have one day off before working another few days ... not cool.
I do have three days off this week, and so does Michael, so it will be a nice little break for both of us. If we're not both miserable-sick.

I'm going to my mom's after work ... she and I still aren't speaking, but it's been a week or so since I've even dealt with her, so hopefully she's over it. Maybe she'll even apologize for telling me "fuck you", but i doubt that's ever gonna happen. I'll be happy with her just being pleasant to me.

time to finish with my work stuff ...

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