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Last minute change of plans

Well, no surgery for Kasey. My doctor called, and we talked about it ... first, she asked me a few times if i was "still sure" that I wanted to have a tubal done ... I told her not only was i sure, I was looking forward to it.
She confessed that she was getting cold feet about doing this surgery on me. Apparently, she had been doing some research on IUDs in diabetics, and it is workable, as long as I am good with my diabetes and do follow up visits and CBCs to make sure I don't get an infection. And the biggest side effect to an IUD is an infection that could make me sterile, which won't break my heart.
Seeing as how an IUD was my original idea, and the placement is much less invasive than abdominal surgery, we're going to try this. It's not permanent, but it's non-hormonal and baby-protection for 10 years.
I was really looking forward to a post-op morphine button, though.

I don't really care what I have done ... one or the other, as long as I am protected ... the IUD will be a lot cheaper for me, which is nice right now.

Speaking of money, I don't know what to get everybody for Christmas. My brother is hard to shop for, and his birthday is 5 days before Christmas, so it's extra tough. My mom is insisting that I get her a present, but she has no idea what she wants. My dad is getting a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. My aunt has given me a specific cookbook that she wants, I just have to go to a bookstore and get it. I have a few ideas for Michael, but I'm not even sure where to look for the things I want to get him.

Tonight, I'm going to be all domestic ... I'm going to make dinner for Michael and Charles ... possible a stir-fry/Italian food combination, utilizing the rice cooker Marge's family got me for Christmas. Hopefully I won't screw this up, considering that I can't actually cook.

Then I think I'm going to work on consuming some more of my leftover birthday alcohol.

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