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waiting for the ramen ...

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I'm trying out marge's brother's theory that rice cookers make great ramen ... i have no clue how much water to add, or how long to cook it for, so i'm guessing ...

turns out, the trick may have been a little less time and a little more water. oh well.

I'm very slowly getting ready ... We're supposed to meet up with Christie tonight and go get some drinks ... her mom stayed with her all week over Thanksgiving, and she's needing to go out, so we're all going to Little Knight tonight. I guess Brett may be joining us. At the rate I'm moving, it will be tomorrow before I get to the bar.

Michael has been up here since Wednesday. He's all stressed out with finals and the job thing. I'm trying to keep things here as low-stress as possible, but sometimes I don't know how to handle him when he's all wound up. So I get stressed and drink and then things become tense ...
i've got to find a better way to handle things.

not that it's been a bad couple of days. it really is nice having him up here. i guess we've just both been a little agitated. I know I can over-read things sometimes.

we had all these plans for things we were going to do this week, and got none done except to move the birdcage and greatly advance in FFX. I was going to go show him these hills I found, but we never got outside in the daylight. He was going to do some work on his car, but that didn't happen either. We can be so lazy.

I told him this afternoon, lying in bed, "i get way too comfortable with the idea of waking up next to you."
I really do. It's always disappointing to find that I have to go back to sleeping alone.

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