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I'm laughing a little bit right now ... it's been raining. I went out to have a cigarette and to make sure my stereo was still in the car (i do think i have reason to be paranoid) and i saw the doctors car next to mine ... the senile old man had left his car out there with the windows rolled down.

i should probably feel bad for finding this amusing.

i wanted to go to the party thing tonight, but as always, i work saturday nights. my social life is limited to wednesday, thursday, friday, sorry. hope everyone had fun.

i'm starting to gain back some of the weight i lost ... i need to work on this. It's always easier to lose weight when I'm single, i fall to easily into contented and chubby. I was doing so well with my eating right and getting some exercise, and that went completely to hell. Several people have mentioned yoga ... i want to do it, but i doubt i could afford the classes. I really should go back to my dancing and weightlifting that i was doing so well last winter.

A girl i work with occasionally said something very interesting the other day. She works with horses most of the time. I said, jokingly, that if she knew anyone who wanted to pay someone to exercise their horses, to give me a call.
She responded by saying that she runs into that situation all the time.
The idea that anyone would pay me to ride their horse makes me laugh. and then it makes me smile.
So she's going to keep an eye out for me, and i may make a little money on the side by getting some exercise.

i want this shift to be over ... Michael is at my house, probably playing FFX right now. I want to go home and crawl into bed next to him ... sleep with his arm draped over me and warm breath at the back of my neck, uninterrupted by nightmares. warm flannel sheets to escape this rainy night in.

I called Dr. Harris at home last night, to see what she knew about the clinic's manager getting fired ... she didn't know a damn thing. They haven't told her anything about it at all. She still wants me to run this place and is insisting I'd make a great bookkeeper. I thought i had given up office jobs.
Absolutely nothing is certain at this point. I'll know more on Monday, after she talks to some of the board members. I'm only stressing over it a little bit until then. I'll save the huge stress for later.

gotta start saving money for february ... there's a big veterinary conference in Las Vegas I want to go to ... I can drive there, and I should be able to get a room or a couch to crash on without too much trouble ... i love the big conferences, so much to be learned.

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