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the moon isn't red hot ... it's iced over ...

It's fucking cold outside ... even in snuggly clothes, with a jacket there's a biting chill to the wind ...
all the yellow leaves from the tree behind my house fell into my yard overnight. It's kinda surreal looking.

I immensely dislike the idea that I have to take the front of my stereo out of my car and put it into my purse to keep anyone from taking it.

My aggravating anthropology class is almost over ... thank heaven. We've spent the last three weeks on art, and found out today that it's only going to be a small part of the final. Half of the final is going to be on one (out of eight) of the sections.
My instructor does not behave in a logical manner.

I bought a vegan cookbook at the bookstore last night ... i may have to learn how to cook. There are a lot of recipes that don't look too complicated, but i wish i had an oven. I can't bake anything unless i hijack my mom's kitchen to do it.
Poor Michael is going to be subjected to my experimental cooking.

So one of my most favoritest CDs was one of the ones taken on Friday night ... Babyland's Decade One. I look for it online, and find that it is an import, and twice as expensive as all their other CDs. Grr. I may see the band on Friday, hopefully they will be selling copies of it at the show. It has all the best songs on it ... *pout*

Tonight, I work. Hopefully I will find out some more information about the work drama that is going on. It depends on whether or not the doctor talked to any of the board members ... I'm so curious/nosy/ambitious ...

I'm feeling a bit better today, but still kinda down ... days like these are the ones where i consider medication. Less for myself and more for the people around me that have to take care of me. Anyone have any experience with Wellbutrin? Since I want to quit smoking anyway, it might help ... but i don't know anyone who has been on it for any length of time. And I'm still wary of meds, but if something helps ...

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