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Why I love Google:

Go to google.com. Type in "miserable failure".
Hit "I'm feeling lucky".

yeah ...

From the looks of my coffee table, the cat has spent the last two nights pulling chex mix out of the bag Michael left and (messily) eating them. I really should clean up stuff I know the cat is going to go after. And I did know that my weirdo cat loves chex mix.

Last couple of days ... work, sleep, work ... blah. If anything exciting happened, I've forgotten it already.

Much drama at work. Not all of it going the way I want it to, but it will, in time. To solve the problem of us having an off-site, unreachable, unaccountable manager, the board has decided to solve the problem by eliminating the manager position completely, and outsourcing all of her duties.

if anyone can explain to me how this makes things better, i'd love to know.

Going to "the oc" tonight, maybe get some quality time with Michael, and if i get out there early enough i may go see some other people too.

don't get your hopes up, now.

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