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at work, still sick.
my lungs, they are on fire.
Michael has been taking really, really good care of me, though. Hot tea when I want it, cuddling when I need it ... he's good at that sort of thing. He's supposed to come by here sometime tonight.

I got a bit snippy at everyone tonight ... felt bad about it, but couldn't help it. I was feeling awful, couldn't breathe, had just gotten back from taking my final, and I've got three people in my living room all talking ... Charles talking about pizza, Lisa shrieking about something or other, and Michael playing video games and bantering with Charles. Overstimulation for Kasey ... so i snapped at someone, i don't even know who, and stomped off upstairs before I started yelling at people.
Stuck my head in the shower for a while so I could breathe better, then I lay down and read a book ... eventually Michael came up, and we talked, and I felt better after a while. I just don't handle stress well.

Lisa was stupid enough to get bit by my bird ... no matter how many times I tell people that the bird WILL bite, stupid people always have to see for themselves. I have no sympathy whatsoever.

I took some Lasix to try and clear my lungs, but all it's done is made me drink lots and pee lots. damn. this isn't fun.

I have this staff meeting tomorrow that I have to run ... I'm a little nervous about it. Firstly, I can't talk very long without coughing. Real professional. A doctor from the board is going to be there as well. The one who is supposedly going to be managing the hospital. Also, I'm afraid I'm leaving important things out of my discussion, but when I get out my list of things to talk about, I can never remember what i want to say.
I'm sure it will go okay, though.

I've decided that I'm going to buy myself some fingernails again. It makes a certain person very happy, and I'm tired of dull fingertips. I need pointy nails with slut red polish.

I really should get back to work ... I bitch about other people slacking on the job, and I play on my laptop half the night ... h

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