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But the question is, how many squeaks?

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 bigbrothers a-swimming.
11 clockworkbadgers a-massaging.
10 coldfyre_13s a-staring.
9 conraxs a-spinning.
8 dreammadefleshs a-grinding.
7 dreamnowandthens a-squeaking.
6 eamajyns a-typing.
5 tan francescamuffins.
4 calling hamsterhueys.
3 Haitian heartcooksbrains.
2 bull miss_geeks.
And a stephinextremis in a tangerine tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

So the funniest thing tonight was Michael putting a beanie on my cat and declaring him "El Gato", punctuated with his usual maniacal giggle. He's so cute.

Plans changed once again. I'm still sick, coughing and short of breath. Christie and I traded shifts, so I came home tonight so I can get some rest. Got some Christmas shopping done earlier, and I think I did well. I have three little cousins, and I got them books I loved as a kid. The baby got and adaptation of The Little Prince, the 4 year old got Where the Wild Things Are, and the 5 year old got A Light In the Attic. I think I got good presents, for not knowing what kids like.

Season, I got your present too, though I don't know when I'm going to be down there.

All of my presents are wrapped up in obnoxious Care Bears paper ... just to destroy my mom's "traditional" Christmas.

Staff meeting at work went pretty well ... I got my chance to rant for a while, and felt better afterward. I hope the staff listened.
Jamie forgot my gift for the gift exchange ... girl is so flaky. Apparently it is something Hello Kitty related.

I want to feel better. My lungs hurt.


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