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I'm a sucker.

Anyone need a kitty?

a pretty silver and black kitty whose previous owners were assholes?

I need to get out of this industry ... I'm finding it impossible to put fixable things to sleep. I don't think that in itself is a bad thing. But I take on these project animals ...

Sammy is a seven year old boy kitty, neutered and declawed. He developed a uretheral obstruction, which isn't too uncommon in male kitties, especially overweight ones that eat cheap catfood. It's an easily fixable problem, a few days in the hospital and they're usually fine for years afterward. My Oberon blocked up years ago and hasn't had a problem since. The owners declared that they weren't going to put any money into fixing him, and wanted him euthanized.

Christie and I couldn't do it. It's just not right.

So they left, and we put him under anesthesia, unblocked his urethra,gave him some fluids, and set him up in a nice little cage. I think he's happier this way, rather than dead.

So now I've got to look into finding a home for him, and find a way to house him until i do. This is going to be tough, with as busy as i am this week, and I can't let my parents know I've taken on another cat. They'll kill me.

Did not have the greatest day today ... nothing really bad, but annoyances ... It's my brother's birthday, so we all went to dinner. The problem with that was that i wasn't told until 3pm where and when dinner was ... so then it's a rush to get ready, take care of some errands i had in Moreno Valley, and get to Huntington Beach for dinner. So of course the 91 freeway was a fucking nightmare. Took me and hour and a half to get there ...

by the time i got there, i had a raging headache ... beer helped it. I hate drinking before work, but i'm not going to feel guilty over one beer ... it was necessary for headache containment, and allowed me to tolerate my mom's abuse.

tomorrow, i've got the full family thing to deal with ... i get out of here at nine, pick michael up, get as much sleep as i possibly can, and I'm supposed to be in long beach at one.

I think I'm going to sleep well Sunday night.

Actually, I doubt that, as i have this animal situation to deal with.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of my family ... not so much with some others ... namely, the obnoxious children who are not going to appreciate the books i got them. My aunt is going to interrogate Michael, and i hope i'm in the room to see it. I hope I don't end up falling asleep on the couch.


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