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Sometimes I have to kill my own spiders.

I turned my radio on while driving home from work, and found that KDL is gone. I'm sad ... I picked up a lot of good stuff I wouldn't have heard otherwise from that station. It is now something called "Indie 103". I listed for a few, didn't like anything i heard, and turned it off.

Good while it lasted, I guess.

Christmas sucks, but you knew that. It sucked this year, but it got better toward the end.

I made all sorts of plans, and then everything fell apart, which, along with nightmares and blood sugar problems, put me into a horrible mood, which put Michael into a horrible mood, which made my horrible mood even worse. We continued in this cycle, angry and unable to communicate, until i just about broke down completely, and only then did we get things straightened out.

and then it was okay.

We did dinner, like i had wanted to (I'm really getting into this "cooking" thing). My mom had promised to leave some things for me that she ended up taking with her, so it wasn't as complete as I had hoped. But there weren't as many eaters as i had planned,so it worked out alright.

I really doubt i could have dealt with new people anyway, with the way i felt yesterday.

we cuddled on the couch and sipped citrusy drinks and watched a movie. Had a bit of time to kill after that, so we utilized it in the best way possible (in my opinion, anyway).

I know I'm hard to deal with sometimes. He can be too, and he admits to it.
I think i just lucked out in finding someone as difficult as myself, who is willing to put up with me.

Work was not so much busy, but I spent a lot of time dealing with the aftereffects of a busy holiday ... cleaning, paperwork, trying to get the motherfucking printer to work, that sort of stuff. Busywork.

I'm rather impressed with my co-workers, though. We got slammed over the last two days and handled it well. Very few missed charges, good flow of patients in and out of the hospital, all the paperwork done properly, and good adjustment to the new doctors. I'm amazed at how smoothly everything went.

I found, when doing paperwork, three patients that I've spent a lot of time with over the week came in and died yesterday.
There aren't many patients I don't get attached to in some way. The repeaters, especially. I want them all to do well, to go home and be healthy, i want to be able to solve all their medical problems for them.
It just doesn't work out that way.
Sorry, CheeChay. Sorry, Butter (who's a baby cat?). Sorry, Cory.

I can't wait until tonight when I get to go home and see my own babies. I hate holiday weeks. I miss my house, and my cats, and even the evil birds.

I should probably go sleep now, since i have to be back at work in eight hours.

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