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My immune system sucks.

I knew it would happen, being around Michael while he was sick, but I hoped it wouldn't ... So last night at work, working a swing shift, I was ok to start, a little tired maybe, and halfway through I just felt like crap. Coughing, throat achy. Fuck. By the time I got home last night, I felt like hell. I don't feel any better this morning.

On the subject of going home last night, I took a different route. When I left work last night at 1:30, I got on the 55 north, and was immediately routed onto the 405 South, the 55 being closed due to construction. I was not really feeling like doing the side-streets thing, so I got off the 405 at Jamboree and took the toll road home. I usually avoid the toll roads on principle, and it really was way too expensive, but I had some cash and was in the mood for something different, not to mention a fairly shorter trip. And it really is a pretty road, the 261 carved through one of the few bits of open space in Orange County, the road that kills all sorts of wildlife just for commuters' convenience. I hated enjoying it. But this winding road through the hills, no other cars on the road, no lights but my own headlights ... it was like a new car commercial.

Work last night was blah. But it was Central, and not Garden Grove, so it was better. The doctor was a dick. He does not like being waken up after 10:30 to see patients ... he doesn't really get the concept of "emergency clinic". Another vet called to speak to him about a transfer case, and he refused to speak to her because he was on a personal call. So I had to talk to her and find out what she wanted done, no big deal for me. But then he had questions, and got cranky because he had to call the doctor back and ask them, and then he didn't do what she wanted done anyway. So WTF??? Just frustrating. But apparently he works only occasionally. Dealable.

I hope I feel better by tonight ... I need to go see people. It's Friday, dammit.

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