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Thai food is nummy.

I finally got a chance to take Michael to the Thai place up here that I loooovvve, and he agreed with me that it is super wonderful. We had noodles and tofu and drank beer from Thailand. Then we went for a drive, and I showed him where I go to school and some of the nifty rocks we will be climbing eventually.

Stopped at the grocery store for beer, ended up coming out with hair dye. So now i sit here with burning scalp, waiting for redder hair.

Work was insane last night ... it was pediatric night in there. Two tiny hypoglycemic yorkie pups, half a pound apiece that the breeder shipped across the country the day before. A hypoglycemic kitten. An itty bitty pomeranian puppy that are a gram of pot and spent most of the night stoned out of his mind. All of which needed little tiny IV lines in their little tiny veins. I never did get an IV in the kitty. It was just too sickly.
The baby animals were in addition to a hospital full of regular patients ... a cat the got enemas every couple hours, a laceration surgery dog, and some other stuff.
I was so wound up by the time I got home it took me an hour to get to sleep.

But now I'm going back to beer and Michael ...

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