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debating whether or not to go into work tonight. Rick is being a sweetie and covering for me if i need it. I was in super gigantic amounts of pain earlier, but now thanks to pills and a heating pad and a hothothot bath i just hurt a lot.

i hate this part of girlieness.
i suppose i should be happy ... i'm not preggo (only 2 1/2 weeks late this time), and now i can have my IUD put in (assuming my doctor's office doesn't give me any more grief).

so i'm thinking i should go in, so Rick doesn't have to work my whole shift and come back and work at 6 tomorrow night. i think i will. I can't bitch about money if i don't work all the hours i possibly can.

oh, and margarthemighty, thank you soooo much for letting me know about those great little hot pack thingies. they're saving my life right now.

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