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The year in review ... part 2.

I've got an hour or so to kill, so i'm going to try and get a few more months covered ...


Had a panic attack in a club, and haven't been back to one since. Successfully enrolled in a class at RCC. Ben dyed my hair hot pink, and i got away with it. Went to a lovely dinner party at Heather's. Went to the river with michael and had a lovely time. Drove a boat. He told me he loved me. Dyed Flea pink. Ran into my old friend Monty and was amazed by how low one can sink. Saw the Locust. Obtained a new dent in the side of my car. Flea's back goes out for the first time. I let myself fall in love, despite my worries.


Got all jumpy every time a firework went off. Flea's back continues to be problematic. Took him to a veterinary neurologist and decided against surgery. Alex flew out from Virginia, and I gave him the tour of OC in between shifts. Saw Cake and Devo. Got an A on my midterm. Started hearing idea floated around about becoming a management type person at Central. My car hit 100,000 miles. Missed my friend's wedding for a midterm that got canceled. Took over doing scheduling at work. Michael got his tattoo started. My dad went into the hospital for something major enough to worry me. The tires on my car fell apart.


Got another A on a midterm. Started having problems with my insurance over them not wanting to cover my birth control. Worked my ass off all month because a girl quit with no notice and left us without enough employees. Went to Spaceland to see Babyland. Michael took me up to Top of the World, and we saw meteors. My computer got worms. Got a raise at work. Went to the river again with Michael. Took the See-Doo out and taught Michael how to drive it. Flea's friend Willy the Pomeranian was killed by a coyote. Got Rick Spicer a job at my hospital. Started trying another form of BC, even though all the previous ones failed me and i knew better. Drank at a Disney bar with a pirate theme.

I'm going to get an IUD stuck into my uterus today ... I'm really hoping this isn't as painful as i think it's gonna be.

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