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I'm so tired of this pattern.
I'm working all the time right now. This is one of the busiest weeks for the hospital, we're short one tech, and everyone works all the holidays. So I'm working almost everyday now. I may or may not be taking on quite a bit more responsibility in the near future. I am stressing over this possibility.
The few days I do not work, or do not work all night, I find it hard to do much but sleep, though i have much to get done at home. I want to sleep for weeks, to make up for what I miss out on. I want to curl up with Michael under my new down comforter and shut out the rest of the world.

But it isn't going to happen. I will always have to return to work and school, and so will he. Our schedules have been conflicting lately, he works swings and i work graves and we both sleep in the mornings. I haven't been seeing a whole lot of him lately. I hoped to spend some time with him before work tonight, but I had promised Rick that I would come in early since he stayed late for me last night. Michael is supposed to stop by later, and we're going to the Ben party tomorrow.

Oh, and stupid me, just because I am determine to take some of the small powers away from the tech who once managed this place, I decided that I'm coming in sometime on the graveyard shift on New Year's Eve to do the audit of the controlled drugs. And I was so happy about not working new year's. Bah.

I'd probably be bitching less if my tummy didn't ache so much. But I've got a bit of pain going on. The pain this morning ... it wasn't the worst ever, but it was quite a violation. Now it's a quiet ache. and it is annoying. But it will get better. I do believe it is worth it. Ten years is a long time ...

Stopped by TC for a few minutes before work. Everyone I wanted to talk to was gone, and some annoying friend of Beth's was creeping me out, so I left and went to work even earlier than I needed to. I was hoping Charles and Steph were still there, but i guess I missed them by a while.
I don't mind strangers petting Flea ... I do mind strangers getting all stupid over him.

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