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Slut of Wright Manor

Ben had a party. It was fun. I was somehow elected "Slut of Wright Manor 2003", though I think there are others there much more deserving of the title. Didn't drink much, as I had to stop by work after the party and do the year-end narcotics count. Did have a little nummy champagne with Ben, though. Kinda fun watching the interactions other people were having. Steph and Marge and Kelly were all super-hot, and apparently Marge and I were the source of entertainment for a few while we snuggled on the couch. The Indiana girls are still fucking annoying. It felt really nice to get that corset off when I got home ... I love corsets, but the compression on my aching belly got tiresome.

Lisa did not get nearly as drunk as last year, amazingly enough. Charles more than made up for it. Andy faked it (and danced for us!). Ben spent some time lying on the kitchen floor. Matty was drunk the whole time i saw him, and spent lots of time dancing with the indiana girls. Brett looked all rockstar in Marge's fuzzy coat. Marge made the mistake of wearing a dress with a zipper down the front to a crowded, drunken party. Steph's hair is as touchable as has been described to me. Kelly was very, very shiny, with the best boots ever.

Work tomorrow ... snuggling on the couch with Michael for now, though.

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