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I think I'm getting sick again ... my head is all stuffy and I'm tired ... i can't wait for spring so i can get over being sick all the time, and back to my normal allergies.

Michael is supposed to stop by my work tonight, but when I left, he was playing video games, and he probably still is. Not that I mind. I just know that if I leave him alone with a Playstation, he's not going anywhere for a while.

Two patient transfers in the morning. Each transfer = $40 for me. For $40, I don't mind animals in my car.

One of the dogs in here just seizured ... inject the valium, and continue typing ...

I'm stressing less over Christie quitting ... there are two vet tech schools within an hour of here, with a bunch of people that are going to need jobs soon ... I'm gonna call one place in the morning, and a friend of mine works at another. I don't doubt we can find someone from there.

I should probably get back to work ... not that this headache is letting me get anything done ...

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