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A bit better ...

Well, I'm feeling somewhat better, since my mom came up. I was going to try and ride this out on my own, but after not being able to be any position but horizontal, I called my mom and begged assistance. So she brought me food and meds, and tried to make me drink juice (mom, I'm diabetic, I can't drink multiple glasses of apple juice!). My fever finally broke after she gave me some motrin, and I'm up and walking around again. Trying to get the house acceptable for my mom before she got here nearly killed me, though. I had to take down my two girls kissing poster, hide all evidence of my chain-smoking, and make it look like I'm not an alcoholic (I'm not, but there were still bottles and such from the party). The gigantic SoCo bottle, I forgot to get rid of that, and I heard about it from my mom.

Anyway, I'm very grateful that she came up here. She's a decent mum when I'm sick. She wanted to use my computer while she was up here, and it confounded her immensely, as she knows naught but AOHell.

So I can't find anyone to work my shift tonight, so I'm stuck going to work. I'm going to try and get out for a little while before I go. I need some social interaction.

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