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Work is such stress that I'm now taking Tagamet to keep my stomach from chewing holes in itself.

I started my shift last night by getting more duties than I was prepared for dumped on me. Kathy, the old manager came in, I asked her how to do a couple things, and she showed me how to do lots of things that no one is going to want to do ... so now I'm doing inventory and prepping payroll ... then some of the doctors from the board came in and had a meeting and Dr. Harris came out of it very, very worried about the future of our jobs ... so then i was very, very worried, and then I was very very worried. I left there last night with an aching stomach and chewing my plastic fingernails.

I wake up to a voicemail from Dr. Harris ... She talked to Dr. Roberts, the president of the board ... my future there is secure, no one is going to try and take away what I do. They value me (and the subtext i got is that they value me as a person who will do all the paperwork that no one else wants to do). Dr. Roberts likes me in the position of "tech supervisor" (i guess that's my title this week). And she agreed that if I'm doing all this extra work, I deserve more money than I'm making.

Oh, and a stroke of good fortune ... I answer the phone just after six last night, and a woman asks, "are you hiring?" It stunned me a bit ... yes we're fucking hiring, i'm desperately looking for a tech. So I talk to her and she sounds nice and I had her fax in a resume. It looks good ... I call her back, and have her come in for an interview. She's smart, perky, pleasant, and knows her stuff. She wants a little bit too much money, but that's negotiable ... I've got to check her references, but if all looks good, I'm going to call her back tonight and try and hire her.
This was all done within a matter of hours. We're efficient.

SO I went out with Michael after work last night ... I was so wound up and stressed about work, I had to go out. We went to Harbor House, I had two nummy beers (gasp!) and a veggie burger, and then I felt better ... does anyone know why Harbor House has become the mod/emo hangout of OC? It's so hard not to giggle at some of the kids in there ... they're so silly looking ... and i know they're probably giggling back at me, thinking the same thing.

Anyway, we went back to Michael's and walked Griffin around the neighborhood ... froze my ass off, especially when Michael decided it would be funny to grab my skirt and pull it up while we were walking down Mesa Verde ... grr ... and it was cute to watch Michael get turned around and lost in his own neighborhood.

He's coming up to my house with me tonight ... he can play FFX while I get to clean litterboxes ... it's gonna be all sorts of excitement.

Ben says he is coming up tomorrow, to take pictures and see the sights of exciting moreno valley. This should be fun.

There are actually some really beautiful areas out there ... but I'm biased ... i love the desert, or the semi-desert that I live in. There are some rock formations that are very cool, and lots of undeveloped (yet) land.

I miss having a roomie.

I don't wanna go back to work tonight.

I should stop whining and do something productive.

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