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A light has appeared at the end of the tunnel.

It isn't all bad.

It's 8:30 am. I'm on the phone this morning at work, waiting on hold for someone in the classified ad department. The clinic had agreed to pay for the ad, so I was going to place it. Anyway, the other line rings, and since i hadn't yet turned on the answering machine, i pick it up.

It was Courtney, a guy I used to work with at another animal hospital. We'd talked about trying to get him to come over to Central, but he had never given any indication that he wanted to leave his current job. We chat a minute, then he tells me that he heard from a mutual friend that I was looking for a tech.

Yes, in fact, I am. desperately. He has been at the other hospital for five years and wants a change, and better hours.

So we talk details, I find out how much he wants, and then tell him I'd have to run it by the board. I wasn't sure how they would take it, as he wanted more money than we usually pay.

I call Dr. Harris and let her know what was going on. She gets off the phone with me and calls the president of the board to see if they'll bite. She calls me back - they said okay.

So it's 9 am. I call Courtney back and offer him the job. He accepts. I am so efficient.

I'm not so fond of the idea that I hired someone in at more money than I make. But I've got a raise coming. Eventually. Soon.

Had a total fucking whacked out annoying client come into work at 4 am. Her dog tried to die in the exam room, after she had spent 10 minutes up front trying to decide whether or not to have it seen. So we got her to admit the dog to the hospital. Turns out she had overdosed the dog with a sedative. Then she wouldn't leave. I told her she couldn't stay in the back with the dog, as I had other patients. I did, but really I didn't want her back there annoying me. So she contents herself with getting a blanket out of her car, napping on the bench up front, and sticking her head into the back every ten minutes to ask questions and second guess everything we wanted to do. Fucking irritating. She finally took her dog home at 6am against medical advice.

I saw Brent for a few minutes last night (we were supposed to hang out in the afternoon, but I overslept horribly) and he gave me some of the catnip that he grows. I gave it to Goyle when I got home this morning, and he is an extrordinarily happy, stoned cat.

I was a harsh to Michael when he came to see me last night, and i feel bad about it. He came in while I was dealing with the annoying lady, and she had me all stressed and irritated. I think I took it out on him a little bit. I should be nicer, and I feel terrible when I'm not. He's really tolerant about my moods, but I don't think he should have to be ... I don't want to be someone that anyone has to "put up with." I want to be something good to him ...

maybe i worry too much.

I have half-assed notions of going to OC tonight ... it's going to depend on what time I wake up, and how I feel tonight. I just don't know if I want to be by myself, and I should take advantage of my days off, but the drive, and the money, and I should take care of my house, and Sammy needs his meds ... and I should sleep now or I'll never wake up.

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