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i get a phone call this morning.

one of the members of the board.

I have been asked to write up a proposal detailing what I can do as manager of the clinic, and what I am asking for in return.

I want lots, and I can do lots.

I'm going to ask for $18 per hour and tuition to the veterinary technician licensing program. It's about $5,000. I'll come out of it after a year a licensed tech, and more than anything else, I want letters after my name. (Kasey Littlefield, RVT ... *giggle*). The clinic needs RVT's ... they would benefit from making me one.

Writing up a proposal sounds intimidating ... see my total lack of self-confidence come out when I have to sell my ideas on paper.

I told him I'd have it to them by the end of the week.

Now the debate tonight is whether to go out or to stay home ... I've got two invitations, one to watch the OC and one to go to a hookah bar ... or I could stay inside and play The Sims ... hmmm. we'll see.

i think i might just have to go out for tonight.

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