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I have to leave for work in an hour.
I have no gas in my car.
I have $38 in my checking account, plus a $10 gas card.
That has to last me until Sunday morning.
I have plans for Friday night that are going to require money.
I have very little food in my house.
Thankfully, the animals are stocked up on food.
I have about $100 in bill payments in the mail, that hopefully won't get cashed until I get my paycheck.

I got nothing accomplished yesterday. I'm okay with that. I need days like that. Seriously, I didn't even build up my Sims characters or anything.

Work has received on resume in response to our classified ad. It is from a woman who lives in Victorville(!) who, according to her resume, appears to change jobs every four months.
This does not look promising.

Off to work with me.

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