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I wasn't supposed to have to work tonight, and I found out last night that I do.

So there go my plans, the movie I was supposed to see with Michael, the time I was supposed to spend with Season, everything I had plotted out.

Fuck work.

And fuck the bitch that backed out of working the shift at the last minute. And couldn't call me to tell me, or let me know when i spoke to her wednesday, but just left a note up at work that I couldn't see until the night before. And then she has the balls to ask me to order supplies for her dog.
Which I will do, because I'm fucking nice like that.


So this afternoon, I'm spending my own time picking up office supplies and ordering x-ray film for work, though I haven't been compensated for the last office supply run i did.

Like I said, fuck work.

edit: Ok, it's not all bad. I got to see Michael a little bit last night, I'll see him again late tonight after work, I got a bit of cash from my mum, and I should be grateful for hours I have at work. It's just a little frustrating right now.

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