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So I guess there was some football game today?

Michael and I went to Chili's for dinner tonight, and the evening was punctuated by occasional outbursts of cheering from the bar. Neither of us care so much about football, though I have found the commercials entertaining in the past.

Sundays are such recuperation days for me ... I don't have anyone to fill the sunday afternoon shift, but I can't do it because ... I just can't. I was crying when I fell asleep this morning, and I had nightmares of horrible things ... woke me up a few times, along with the cats walking on my head.

But I woke up to a hot cup of tea, and felt better soon enough. We went to dinner, had margaritas, came back here, did ... stuff, found creative uses for less conventional parts of michael's anatomy, and got some serious relaxation in. He's now raising Chocobos on X-2 (and i wondered if the actual breeding of the chocobos is shown, set to cheesy Spira porn music?) and I'm doing this, and thinking I should get a bag packed for the next few days at work.

I'm supposed to go see a friend and his new baby tomorrow night ... i may, or i may not. it'll be a bit awkward. And I'm not too fond of babies, really. I think Michael is a little weirded out that I may be going over there when he's at work. Hard to tell sometimes when he's joking and when he's serious.

We're driving back to OC in a little bit, as he has a class in the morning and I have to work tomorrow night, and get my dog from my mom's. I feel bad leaving Flea with them, but some days i can barely take care of myself.

By completely altering my usual schedule, and adding one unnecessary trip to OC and back this week, I think I may be able to take Michael to see the movie I've been wanting to see.

oh, and just to make myself happy, I've found this pic and feel the need to post it.
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