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sauce whore!

Everybody is a whore in their own way.

For instance, I declared my brother a "sauce whore" when he refused to share the dippy sauce for the breadsticks at dinner last night.

He just looked at me funny and handed the sauce over.

Had one of those non-event days yesterday, but it was nice. I can sit on a couch with Michael and read for a couple of hours, and it's comfortable and pleasant. No pressure. We did break from the reading for a while and went to the bar for a drink, but that was quick and then back to the couch.

Dr. Harris brought me a carton of Galoiuses back from her trip. It makes me laugh a little - this woman hates that I smoke, is always on my case about it. But she still gets me this carton of French cigs because she knows it will make me happy.
They're yummy.
Michael and I have made a decision ... after this carton, no more smokies. Go out with class, in a way. I need to stop. I'm so glad he decided to as well.

I sat at TC for a while, waiting for Michael to get off work. The place was dead quiet, save for Scott walking around playing his fucking harmonica (and when is someone going to take that from him?). Talked to Andy and Will for a while, shivered in the cold for a while. Left.

I remember when people used to show up there. Funny.

I ran into an old friend/ex-roomie as she was leaving 3D0. She had her new baby with her. She had wanted to be a lawyer, but that idea went to hell after she got pregnant. Fall into your role, dear. Anyway, the baby was actually kinda cute.

Seems like so many of my friends have been doing the marriage and/or baby thing. It just strikes me as odd. Maybe i don't get it because i don't have that maternal thing.

My plans today? first, Togos ... i crave that about once a week. Then work. yay work. Then Michael and I may meet up for a little while after work, then I'm driving home to see my kitties. Exciting, no?

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