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I had so much fun last night ... drinking in the parking lot of IKEA, buying lots of nifty junk (I got candles, and sparkly stars on sticks and a wavy vase to put them in, and funky ice cube trays, and some odd mirrors), watching everyone behave in quite a silly manner, and wondering how long it would take to get us kicked out of the store.

Goyle keeps trying to jump up on the shelf to attack my sparkly stars. I'm afraid I'm going to come home to shattered pink glass and a glittery mess.

Afterward, we all went by TC. Michael showed up after he left work, and we moved over to the Huddle, some dive bar near Mattie's house. It was full of scary people, but we played pool (badly) and drank lots of Newcastle. I used to be so good at pool ... I need to practice more. Do something with all that spare time I have. Yeah.

Michael and I departed from there back to his house, where we watched The Crow (I was seriously underwhelmed) and cuddled on the couch. I think I fell asleep for a little bit, and I think he did too. It's so easy being comfortable snuggled up to him.

I left as the sky grew lighter.

I talked to a woman who sent in her resume, and she's going to do a couple of test days with us his week. Hopefully she's good and we can hire her, beause I need some flexibility and some days off.

Goal for this month: go through my house. Scrub it clean. Get rid of useless crap. Make it smell less like cat pee. Enlist Michael's help in this project. Marge could help too ... it'll be fun, i swear ...

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