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is it time to fall over yet?

i just now got home from work ... in my old age, two twelve hour shifts in a weekend is just too much. Especially as busy as last night's shift was, and was there as the only tech the whole time.

I really hope this new girl works out. I don't like working by myself when it's busy. Stuff just doesn't get done. TPR's are late, I'm answering the phone while trying to do treatments, the place never gets clean ... and i get cranky. I was so tired by the end of my shift today that I was making sloppy mistakes with paperwork and such things. I don't like that at all.

so today, I have to go in early to train the new girl. Before I do that, I have to go by the emergency clinic in Garden Grove to pick up my w-2 form, since they have twice screwed up mailing it to me. I received in the mail from them Friday someone else's W2. My original copy was mailed to the wrong address. I don't see why this is so complicated.

In talking to Michael, we have determined that if we can tweak our schedules a little bit, we ma be able to hang out Tuesday night after he gets off work. Other than that, the only time I get to see him most of this week is when he stops by my work around 3am. It's not enough, and it's frustrating. No resolution to this problem in sight, though.
We are going to go see Babyland at some place I've never heard on in LA. I thought it was at a club I know, but apparently the plan has changed. Hopefully I wont get lost on the way to this one.

School starts soon. I'm scared. I'm also thinking I should drop one of my classes, since I don't think I can handle 3 classes (and the associated travel) with my workload. Problem is, I really like all of the classes I'm signed up for, and can't decide which one I should drop.

i think it's time to go be comatose now. g'night.

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