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I had all day to sleep and I woke up early ...

so I've spent my time reading and playing with the cats. I think I'll head down to OC pretty soon, to get my w-2 forms and go to work. Once I have the W-2, I'll be able to file my taxes and get my big i'm-a-student-with-a-mortgage refund. Receipt of my refund usually coincides with some major expense, be it car, house, or dog related. I didn't make nearly as much money last year as I did in 2002, so my taxes really shouldn't be too bad even without that.

I finally measured my oven so I can collect on my Christmas present. Now I just wait for my mom to have the time to go pick one out. I have all sorts of recipes I want to try, and a package of scones mix that Michael is waiting for me to make. I don't know why it has taken me two months to measure my oven. I lag.

I could have cleaned today ... but I didn't.

Cryss called me, to tell me to tell me that his band is playing a show on a day when I'm working, as seems to always be the case. I've yet to see his band play. I don't see many bands play anymore, really. Subhumans are playing later this month, as are the Weirdos ... I may investigate this. He also wanted to whine about a mutual friend ... a guy I've known for nearly 10 years, and the whole time he really has been a backstabbing, whiny, snake of a boy. I know this. I keep my distance. Cryss knows this. He gets involved in multiple projects with him and then doesn't understand why he suffers for it ... and i've been listening to him bitch about it for years. I told him tonight to just cut him off, and he came up with so many excuses why he won't do that. I don't know what I'm supposed to do ... be a sounding board, I guess.

Heather wanted me to go to her boyfriend's birthday party the other night, far away on extremely short notice, without knowing anyone there except her and the boyfriend. I couldn't go, and now I feel bad because we never get to hang out. Maybe I'll stop by her comic shop tomorrow, if she's working.

la ti da ... off to work.

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