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much-needed action.

I stayed at Michaels last night, since I finally had a night off, and wasn't stuck in Moreno Valley or had any other reason why I couldn't.
I really needed that.
Though I have found that I can't sleep next to his constantly ticking new alarm clock. I contemplated taking a hammer to it at various times through the night.

We're going to the show Friday, and then Sunday he's coming up to my house. So the rest of the week isn't too bad as far as schedule goes. Tyler is coming to the show with us, as i have sold one more on the wonderfulness of Babyland.

Before I dragged him back to his room, Michael and I played a few games of pool at Q-club. I kicked his ass, he kicked mine, we put on obnoxious public displays of affection. The skanky teenage girl with a skanky name at the table near ours attempted to flirt with him, and I did not appreciate it.
Michael is convinced that I hate all girls with that name. I do not. I hate girls with that name who behave in that manner.

My Dad took me out to dinner last night. I thought it was cute. My dad can be a little hard for me to talk to, as he is very hard of hearing, and I can speak quietly. It's easier for us to talk when my mother is not screeching loud enough to drown out both of us. So we went to my favorite little Italian place, and I ordered beer which was served with lemon wedges. We spoke of many things, much talk of cancer and death for some reason, though. My dad is a really nice guy without my mom around to sap his free will.

My mom is going to vote for Bush. She told me this while watching "Will and Grace" last night, and I found it ironic. My dad, who rarely bothers to vote, will be voting just to cast a vote against him.

I don't know what I'm doing tonight. Maybe the OC thing is going on. I wanted to go to Heather's comic store, but she's at school today. maybe I'll laze around until forced out of my apathy. I'm still in yesterday's clothes.

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