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My sleep is all fucked up today. I got three hours of sleep in the early morning, and then I was wide awake at 8. So I got up, did some stuff, called in a drug order for work. Eventually, I went back to bed to cuddle with Michael, and fell asleep for another three hours. Next thing I know, it's noon, michael is trying to get me out of bed, and I'm more tired and cranky than I was at 8am.

My body is really starting to get tired of the lack of nicotine. I'm really edgy. I'm trying really hard not to take it out on Michel, who seems to be even more short tempered.

Gotta leave here at around seven ... i haven't even taken a shower yet ... Michael left an hour ago to go get food and I wonder what is taking him so long. I asked him if I gave him money to do it, would he buy me chocolates from sees with the purple filling for valentine's day. He seems to think that is a silly idea. While I agree with him on logical grounds, I really like See's chocolates with purple filling, and I have such a history of horrible valentines days that I want something small and pleasant.

I gave Goyle a bath today. My poor baby panicked and screamed ... i felt horrible but he was stinky. He only dug his claws into my hands a few times. He's always been the best cat i have about taking baths, but this was bad today.

michael's upset ... follows that i'm upset .... this day is not going well at all.

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