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I really hate it when people delete entries. No, I don't hate it. It's just an annoyance of sorts, and it just proves a point to me ... some people don't want to deal with the repercussions of their words and actions. But i've just about given up on this one anyway, since every attempt I've made to be a good friend has been pushed away.

my brother has decided to hog the house computer downloading old tv shows, so here i sit in the kitchen, typing on my laptop. It would be okay if I didn't have to go through AOL to do it.

So after weeks of not being able to find any employees, I now have three people who want shifts. Funny how these things work out. So I've got to sit down with the doctor tonight and see if i can fire the one i want to fire before any more money disappears.

today is easier than yesterday, as far as the smoking goes. Of course, in every dream i had last night i was smoking. I woke up feeling guilty.

I'm almost looking forward to work tonight.

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