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grr at school

I hate my school.
But this is what I get for trusting the internet instead of just going ot the bookstore before the semester starts and getting a paper schedule.

So I start class tomorrow night. I didn't have to drive up here this morning. I didn't have to short myself on sleep. Don't ask me how I managed to screw up my schedule, I just did.

My brother goes to school. He can review his classes online. He gets a printed schedule sent to him when he registers. He is informed ahead of time what books will be required, so that he can order them online instead of fighting crowds at the bookstore.
I'd be happy with any one of those things.
I wish I could be a full time student, but I can't live with my mother.

So I took advantage of my free time and ran some errands ... bought catfood, bought some office supplies. Now I'm here, and Flea is on my lap, and I'm eating crackers with hummus because I'm too lazy to make myself a real meal. I think Michael wants to see me before work ... there's only really an hour or two between when he leaves work and i have to go, and i'm so lazy right now i don't feel like putting on makeup and getting all pretty, and i hate not being pretty for him. which sounds (and is) silly (the boy sees me first thing in the morning, for petes sake), but it's how i'm thinking right now.

I probably should go see him. It might make me feel better. I'm stuck in apathyland right now.

create your own visited states map

Most of these places i don't even remember, i just know that my parents have taken me there.

Charles gave me a nifty new monitor (it's all flat!) and made, or rather, remade one of my icons, and it's super cool now. I have already made the monitor mine by putting a sticker on it. Thank you charles ...
He also scared the heck out of me by showing up here late last night. It's not at all that I mind anyone showing up. It's just that it's so unusual for anyone to knock on the door here, especially late at night. Makes me jump and Flea bark.

I guess I should make myself some real food and get ready for work.

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