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Strangest thing happened today. I was at my mom's house, getting ready to head home. Phone rings. I answer.

"Hey, Kasey? This is Brent."
Stunned silence on my end, then, to make sure I heard right ... "Who?"
"This is Brent ... I was across the street at Jason's house, I saw your car in the driveway and I thought I'd say hi."
Continued stunned silence on my end, and a hurried internal debate on what to do about this ...
A little history, in brief: Brent fucked my life up, hardcore. He was my first boyfriend, we went out for 3 years and a week. Broke up on a Tuesday. He controlled my life, got me started with the drugs, really fucked my head. Harassed me for over three years after we broke up. Threatened my life. All this while working for my parents. He quit that job about a year or so ago, and I have not heard from him in a while. We have not had a friendly, or even civil, conversation since the breakup.

This in mind, I'm debating my options. Hang up. Scream at him and hang up. Continue a civilized phone conversation. Go outside and see him.

Curiosity killed the damn cat. I haven't physically seen the guy in a couple years. I go outside.

It was just very weird ... He's almost unrecognizable. Shaved head, goatee, thin, like tweaker skinny. Not healthy looking. We talked for a bit ... awkward, but there didn't seem to be any animosity. I asked if he's working, since he quit my parent's place ... apparently he's selling drugs again. And living at his Mormon family's house. I told him that I bought a house. I win again. God, that's petty. But it feels good.

Anyway he had to go ... he wanted my number, and I gave it to him. Interesting to see if he calls it. It was nice though, to make peace with the whole Brent issue. To make peace with Brent.

So this completes a strange pattern as of late. Withing the last few weeks, every single ex-boyfriend has contacted me. I never expected to see Brent again. But it fits.

Cryss called me, out of the blue the other day. We are on friendly terms, but I hadn't heard from him in a while. .

Scotty, I saw at the funeral, and he has been trying to get a hold of me since, but I haven't been home. I hadn't seen him for a year previous.

Zach, I got a random e-mail from the other day. I've only seen him once since he left my house, January 2002.

Rick's contacts with me are well documented. I'm going to have to see him Friday.

What's making them all come out of the woodwork?

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