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Michael is here.


we're discussing politics, which is always fun ... or at least it's fun for me when i'm not afraid of alienating people with my views. We started with gay marriage, and ended up talking constitutional history until we were interrupted by a song and lost the train of conversation.

He made me a boilermaker and I didn't like it. I like whisley, I like Guinness, but I don't like them together.

"I'm not teasing you. I'm just pointing out that you're a pussy." -Michael, to me. This is the nature of our relationship.

I ordered a bunch of lingerie from Victoria's Secret tonight. Yay clearance catalogue ... yay victoria's secret credit card. (I will freely admit that I have too many credit cards.) A couple bras, and a garter belt, and some slip things to wear around the house and be all sexy in. I tried to include michael in the selection process. Boys are so not good at underwear shopping. But he tried, I'll give him credit for that. I like the idea of lingerie ... useless clothes, but something to feel a bit glammy in. I want to be a girl sometimes.

I have to go to work tomorrow and set up a server, two additional computers, and network them all together. I know next to nothing about servers and networking. Who wants to help me?

I had my first abnormal psych class today. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. My teacher for this class is cool - really jovial, gregarious, friendly. Most of my classmates are psych majors, and i'm just taking it for fun. I kinda feel like I'm wasting space in there because I'm only taking it because I want to.

I'm gonna go for more beer and some michael now ...

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