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evil leap day

the evil leap day is almost over.
i don't feel much better, but i'm drunk enough that i finally stopped crying.
very little makes sense.
beer and german industrial music make things better.
Michael supports me far more than i would have ever expected him to.
I really can't believe the chaos ... several phone calls, some lj banter, a few e-mails, and i'm left with more questions than answers.
and i start to wonder where else i can go.
i know.
but it works.
i guess i might not have the friends i thought i did, but i doubt it matters, in the end.
I still haven't done my homework.
I'm drunk on Chinese beer.
I just showed michael the Fatboy Slim video with Christoper Walken. he seemed to enjoy it ... i think.
i spent too much time apologizing to him for my existence. he seems to like me despite my many flaws.
i love him. he's saving my sanity today.

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