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so in the hallway outside of my class today a girl had a panic attack, complete with shrieking, crying, flailing, and general freaking out.
beautifully appropriate for my abnormal psych class.
what pissed me off is that as soon as anyone heard any commotion they all had to run out to the hall and stare at her. Even after a girl that had known her from a previous class said that she had an anxiety disorder and had panic attacks occasionally, everyone had to go out to the hall and gawk like kids at a dead body.
really, the last thing anyone who is having a panic attack needs.
and these people want to go into therapy and psychology???

i went to the grocery store for cat litter. an hour later i had cat litter, $70 worth of groceries, and a new bottle of red hair dye.
i have poor impulse control today.

I've got to call the graveyard tech when he goes in tonight to see if he can cover a saturday for me ASAP. He had previously said he would cover a shift for me to go to vegas, so hopefully he's still flexible.

I threatened to quit if i don't get a raise. I have received a promise of expedience in their decision making.

Being up here by myself sucks. I have no plans but to get drunk and clean litterboxes. I miss michael. i want company. my house is a disaster and even if anyone came over i probably wouldn't let anyone inside anyway.

The bird does not seem to like plums.

apathy is exhausting.

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